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College Information/NCAA Clearinghouse

Starting a college search can be an overwhelming task. This area will provide information about colleges and universities that will, hopefully, help in the college search. Students need to find out as much as they can about potential schools in which they are interested. The search can begin at Jasper High School. The guidance office has viewbooks and brochures from many colleges and universities, both within and outside of Indiana. In addition, colleges and universities send admission representatives to JHS to meet with interested students.

Colleges and universities host campus preview days and other special events. These days allow students to develop their first impression of a campus. They usually involve group presentations and a tour of the campus. Many of these preview days are on Saturdays or during fall break, so it may not be necessary to miss a day of school. If a school day must be missed for a college visit, the student must fill out a college leave form and schedule the absence from school. It is highly recommended that students visit their top choice college on a regular school day. It allows the student to see what they would encounter on a normal day of classes.

An excellent resource for students that provides information about colleges and universities, financial aid, and career planning is the Learn More Indiana web site. Check their site often for help with college and career planning.

NCAA Clearinghouse

Process for registering for the NCAA Clearinghouse.
1. Go to: http://www.ncaaclearinghouse.net/
2. Register as an NCAA College-bound Student Athlete.
3. Inform the JHS Guidance Department in writing that you have registered with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
4. Log on to: Parchment.com and request your transcript to be sent to the NCAA Clearinghouse
5. You must request your test scores to be sent directly from the SAT or ACT testing center to the
clearinghouse. They will not accept scores from a transcript.
When registering for the SAT or ACT you must use the following codes on the registration form to have your
scores sent to the clearinghouse.
SAT code= 9999
ACT code= 888-888

To Visit a Vocational School, College, or University Campus

  • All postsecondary schools provide opportunities for on-campus visitations. Check the link for preview days or the college website.
  • For an individual appointment, contact the admissions office two (2) weeks in advance to set up the appointment.
  • Contact Mrs. Werner in the Attendance Office for a REQUEST FOR ABSENCE form.
  • Follow the guidelines for the college visit which include:
    • Form must be signed by parent or guardian, guidance office, teachers and administrators and on file in the attendance office at least two (2) full school days before the absence.
    • Make arrangements for make-up work and assignments prior to the absence.
    • A parent or guardian MUST accompany you on the college visit.
    • You MUST return a verification form on the FOLLOWING day of the visit to Mrs. Werner
    • Visits do not occur during any scheduled FINAL EXAM or the first and last week of the grading period.

      Guidelines for A Campus Visit
  • Meet with an Admission Counselor (don't forget to get your verification form)
  • Take a campus tour
  • Meet with someone in Financial aid and/or discuss financial aid options
  • Meet with someone in your planned academic major
  • Attend a class