The front of 5th Street School on a sunny day.
The front of 5th Street School on a sunny day.


Fifth Street PTO is a great way to get involved with the school and make a difference.

What is the PTO?

 The purpose of the Fifth Street Elementary Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is to enhance and support the educational experience at Fifth Street School, to develop a closer connection between school and home by encouraging parental involvement, and to improve the environment at Fifth Street School through volunteer and financial support.

Why get involved? 

Research has shown that families engaged in their child’s education improve their child’s academic achievement, behavior and attendance at school, as well as their emotional and physical well-being. * Not only does research show that students can benefit significantly from family involvement, but the school can benefit as well; helping with teacher retention, school moral, test scores and even community involvement.  The PTO encourages you to get involved with the school and with your students!  Whether you want to participate a lot or a little, we have many opportunities for you to connect with Fifth Street Elementary School and become a part of the Fifth Street Wildcat tradition.        (*Ferguson et al, June, 2008)

Who can participate in the PTO?

Membership is automatically granted to all parents and guardians of Fifth Street School students, plus all staff at Fifth Street School. Membership dues of $5 per family are encouraged. Members have voting privileges, one vote per household.

What does the PTO do for the school and/or your children?

The PTO provides funding to support many activities in the school and out in the community for your children to participate in.  Funds are raised to support these activities through three fundraising events including the Chili Supper, Paragon Promotions and the Spring Carnival.

Activities Fifth Street children do that the PTO provides the funds for:

    ·         Jasper Community Arts Center
To promote the Arts, the PTO provides the necessary funds to the school to send students to an annual show at the

                Community Arts Center  in Jasper, Indiana.

    ·         Field Trips
The PTO provides funds to the school for each grade level to take two field trips annually. The field trips vary in


    ·         Book Fund
The PTO provides funds on an annual basis for each teacher to purchase classroom books.

    ·         Holiday Celebration
Covers the cost of giving a treat bag to each student during the month of December

    ·         PAW (Put Away Work) Day
Covers the cost of the school conducting the annual end-of-year activities day to be held at the school

    ·         Playground
On an as needed basis, the PTO will provide funds to pay for new equipment or supplies to be used on either of the

                 two playgrounds located on the school premises in Jasper, Indiana.

    ·         Kindergarten Health Fair
Provides funds for healthy snacks for all Kindergarten classes

    ·         2nd Grade Artwork
Provides funds for selected student artwork to be matted and framed in order to be displayed in the school

    ·         Music Programs:
Covers the costs of the annual music programs, held at the school, provided to parents and the community

    ·         Positive Behavior Support (PBS)
Covers the cost of the school’s daily Positive Behavior Support program

    ·         Staff Appreciation Luncheon
Plans, serves and provides funds for an annual luncheon held at the school for the teachers and staff

    ·         Volunteer Appreciation Gift
Provides funds for an appreciation gift to be given to each classroom, library and office volunteer on an annual basis

    ·         Classroom Supplies
Provides funds on an annual basis for each teacher to purchase classroom supplies

    ·         Meeting Door Prize
Pays for and provides prizes to be given away at each of the school-wide PTO meetings that are held semi-annually at

                the school

    ·         Contingency
As funds are available, the PTO will approve miscellaneous expenditures that promote the school and its activities, or

                further advance the education of its students.

Fundraisers the PTO does to support the school:

    ·         Chili Supper
The PTO plans and sponsors an annual chili supper to raise funds which support items 1-15 listed above.  Parent and

                teacher volunteers provide the necessary hours needed to run the event which is held at the school.

    ·         Spring Carnival
The PTO plans and sponsors an annual carnival to raise funds which support items 1-15 listed above. Parent and teacher

                volunteers provide the necessary hours needed to run the event which is held at the school.

    ·         Paragon Promotions
The PTO coordinates a fundraiser selling a variety of items from brochures provided by Paragon Promotions.  These

                brochures consist primarily of food items such a soups, breads, pretzels and pizzas that you can use to “stock your

                freezer” for the winter months.  Fifth Street School does not encourage unsupervised door-to-door selling and promotes

                taking orders from friends, relatives, neighbors, and parents’ work associates.