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The front of 5th Street School on a sunny day.

Positive Behavior Supports

The expectations at Fifth Street School are that all students and staff will Be Safe,

Be Responsible, and Be Respectful. The staff has developed school-wide

behavioral expectations that will be directly taught to all students in each of the

following settings: classrooms, hallways, restrooms, cafeteria, recess/playground,

arrival and dismissal areas, and the bus. The students will also have access to a

variety of positive rewards for displaying the appropriate behaviors in each of the



Reward Systems for the Positive Behavior Support Program

I. Individual Tickets

All teachers and supervisory staff are provided with tickets. When students show expected behaviors in the various settings, the staff person can give the student a ticket.  

Each student sets a goal for a reward or privilege they would like to earn with their tickets.

Students keep track of the number of tickets they have earned in their Leadership Binder.

Teachers can connect their classroom Clip Chart with the school-wide ticket system.

Every Friday, each classroom is visited by the “Prize Cart” and students who have met their goal can cash in their tickets for their rewards.  Possible incentives that students can earn include: pencils, bouncy balls, eating lunch with a friend, visiting a former teacher, spending time with a shelter pet, eating lunch with a police officer, fire fighter, or Mrs. Jessee!


II. Whiskers Awards

All staff have access to Whiskers Awards they can give to a student that demonstrates strong leadership qualities.

The students who receive a Whiskers Award are announced in the gym before school the following day.

Positive phone calls to parents of students who earn a Whiskers Award are periodically made by the social worker.


III.  Classroom and Grade Level Celebrations

Each classroom will set academic and behavioral goals throughout the year.  Classroom and grade level celebrations, such as extra recess time, popcorn party, etc. will be held when those goals are reached.


IV.  School-Wide Celebrations

School-wide celebrations will be held at the end of each quarter.  School-wide attendance, academic, and behavioral goals will be acknowledged and celebrated.  These celebrations will be in the style of a pep rally at the end of the scheduled day.