Growing Resilience, Engagement and Academics Together

High Ability Education

GJCS recognizes high ability students as those students who perform at or demonstrate the potential to perform individually at outstanding levels of accomplishment in at least one domain (general intellectual or specific academic in the areas of language arts or mathematics) when compared to other students of the same age, experience, or environment.  High ability students are those whose academic needs would not be met in the regular classroom setting and would benefit from specially designed programs and services that would extend beyond the regular grade-level curriculum.

The goals and objectives of the GJCS High Ability Program are to provide an enriched curriculum; accelerate learning; challenge students to reach beyond their intellectual potential; capture unique student interests; create authentic learning and assessment experiences using multiple-modalities of learning; differentiate instruction to meet the unique learning needs of students; accurately indentify high ability students and strategically plan for their learning needs.

Elementary age student enrichment and acceleration needs are met through a tiered approach with differentiation of instruction based on individual student skill needs.  The use of ongoing formative assessment provides monitoring of student progress.  Modification of the goals, objectives, and level of expected outcomes of student performance are adjusted accordingly to maximize individual potential through cluster grouping. 

Identified middle grade students are provided opportunities to participate in accelerated courses in English, language arts, mathematics, science, and social studies (grades 7-8 only).    Enrollment is based upon ability in each content area allowing acceleration in one or more courses dependent upon unique student learning needs.

JHS honors courses in the following subject areas are offered to students who meet minimum prerequisite course grade requirements and the scrutiny of the selection committee: 

  • English 9 Honors
  • English 10 Honors
  • English 11 Honors
  • World Literature and Composition
  • English Literature and Composition
  • Algebra I Honors
  • Algebra II Honors
  • Geometry Honors
  • Biology I Honors
  • Earth and Space Science I Honors
  • Physics I Honors
  • World History Honors

Advance Placement courses are available in Calculus and Biology.  AP course offerings will expand in the areas of Literature, Composition, Spanish, and French beginning with the 2010-2011 school year.

Select students may opt to take advantage of a “fast track” through high school program which will allow for demonstration of course proficiency through end of course assessment.  This will enable high ability students to advance through the prescribed curriculum more quickly accelerating matriculation.  

High ability program handbook