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Jasper High School Receives Secondary STEM Certification
  • Jasper High School
Gillian Blessinger

Jasper High School received a Secondary STEM Certification. This status is valid from 2023-2028. To receive this certification, Jasper High School was scored based on essential elements, showcase artifacts, and a site visit. The minimum score to be awarded the certification is 94 points. Jasper High School had 108 total points.

The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) wrote, “The evidence shown within your defined STEM program is providing students with a multitude of opportunities relative to employment, enrollment, and enlistment leading to service. The quality of STEM programming in your building gives students the access needed to be prepared for an ever-changing world. You and your staff are commended for your hard work and dedication to STEM education in Indiana”.

“Jasper High School is thrilled to have earned STEM Certification from the Indiana Department of Education. We had a team of Science, Math and Technology teachers that worked diligently to compile our curriculum and demonstrate how JHS instructs the tenants of the STEM curriculum. The IDOE certification team was impressed with our presentation and gave high marks for the organization and clarity of the presentation. Thank you to Jamie Lofton, Erin Jochum, Shelby Sitzman, Fred Routson, Josh Dahmer, Jessica Mehringer, Cam Harris, Brooke Elrod, Brianna Lammers, Dana Kunz, and Sean Jochum for their work creating our application. We would also like to thank parents, Lori Mehringer and Max Verkamp, and students Alex Bastein, Ryan Verkamp, Brandon Mehringer, Caroline Buechlein and Emma Schipp for their roles in the certification process”, said JHS Principal, Geoff Mauck. “This was truly a collaborative effort that was essential to our success”.

Dr. Tracy Lorey, GJCS Superintendent, said “The recognition of Jasper High School as a STEM Certified School validates the work of our teachers to provide students with learning opportunities that emphasize the engineering design process and project-based learning enhanced by technology. This type of educational environment mirrors the aptitude students will need to apply as they move beyond high school and into their post-secondary choices”.

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Jasper Elementary School and Ireland Elementary School Selected to Participate in Indiana Literacy Cadre
  • Ireland Elementary School
  • Jasper Elementary School
Gillian Blessinger

Jasper Elementary School and Ireland Elementary School have been selected for the 2023 Literacy Cadre by the Indiana Department of Education.

Supported by the Center of Excellence in Leadership of Learning (CELL) at the University of Indianapolis and the Indiana Department of Education, the Indiana Literacy Cadre is working to help Indiana’s students read proficiently by the end of third grade. To achieve this mission, the Indiana Literacy Cadre develops and implements collaborative professional development for K-2 educators across the state based on the science of reading, a compilation of evidence-based research on reading, reading development, and reading instruction.

Literacy Coaches will be hired at both Jasper Elementary School and Ireland Elementary School. The literacy instructional coaches will work to increase the quality and effectiveness of classroom instruction through observation and feedback, lesson-modeling, co-teaching, mentoring, and facilitating academic reflection. The coaches will assist in implementing a plan for targeted support using evidence-based literacy practices aligned with the Science of Reading to meet the needs of all students. GJCS plans to hire from within for this position.

“High quality reading instruction is essential for all students to be successful in school and beyond.  Our participation in the Indiana Literacy Cadre will help us to prioritize the most effective instructional practices in reading that ensure all students can transition from ‘learning to read’ to ‘reading to learn’” noted GJCS Superintendent, Dr. Tracy Lorey.

Tina Fawks, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment said, “Literacy is the foundation of a child's entire educational journey. Through our participation in the Literacy Cadre, we will continue to prioritize early literacy to ensure each GJCS student's foundation is strong.  We can also further support the work of our elementary teachers and ensure the delivery of high-quality reading instruction.  We are very excited to have been selected to participate in the Literacy Cadre”.

To learn more about the Indiana Literacy Cadre, visit

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