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Students at the JMS Creative Arts Showcase
  • Jasper Middle School
Gillian Blessinger

On October 13th, Jasper Middle School hosted a Creative Arts Showcase. The Showcase featured music, art, and FACS projects. The goal of the Creative Arts Showcase was to highlight all of the great work JMS students have been doing so far this school year. 

When arriving at the Showcase, you were instantly greeted with art projects all over the walls and on display on tables. FACS students decorated cakes and there was a People's Choice Award to vote for the best cake. Rainsticks made in music class, colony making from history class, large displays, and other student art was displayed. 

Cake Decorating Awards were given to students. Most Creative went to Kaitlyn Black with "Witches Brew". Best Design went to Kenleigh Racicot with "The Fall". Best Use of Color went to Sophie Schnarr with "Under the Sea". People's Choice Award went to Kenleigh Racicot with "The Fall". 

At 6:30, the choir concert began. The JMS choir is directed by Mrs. Courtney Herber. The combined choir began the performance by singing "Seize the Day". Then, the 6th Grade Choir sang "What a Wonderful World" and "I'm a Believer". The 7th Grade Choir sang "True Colors", "Colors of the Wind", and "I Can See Clearly Now". The 8th Grade Choir sang "Bridge Over Troubled Water", "Time After Time", and "Don't Stop Believin'". The Choir joined back together to sing "Children Will Listen" and a Disney Movie Medley. Students within the Choir were given solo opportunities throughout all of the songs. 

After the Choir performances, Mrs. Courtney Herber did a short benefit concert. The goal of this concert was to raise money for new auditorium microphones. If you would like to donate to the cause, a check can be sent in made out to JMS PA or cash can be sent in with Attention: JMS PA. The goal is to raise $20,000. The Friends of the Arts have donated $5,000 towards the cause. Please help if you can and spread the word. 

If you wish to check out upcoming Jasper Middle School Performing Arts Performances, here are dates to mark on your calendar: 

  • December 6th at 6:30pm - Winter Concert 
  • April 14 & 15 2023 - "Annie, Jr"
JMS Students Observe Other Student Art

Students observe other student work while waiting for the choir concert.

Student Art

Student Art on display. 

FACS cakes on display to be voted for as the "People's Choice Cake".

Student Art

Student Art on display.

Art is Admired at JMS Showcase

Art is observed at the Showcase. 

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9th Grade Tour of Opportunity
  • Jasper High School
Gillian Blessinger

On October 12, 9th Grade students from school within the county participated in the 9th Grade Tour of Opportunity. The Tour of Opportunity allowed students to explore career opportunities within the local area and learn more about what Dubois County has to offer. Students took a test to see what pathway their results best fit but had the option to choose which pathway they wished to explore.

The pathways included Agriculture, Arts, Audiovisual Arts and Communications, Automotive Technology, Trucking and Transportation, Business Finance, Business Information Technology and Computer Repair, Business Management, Marketing, Advertising and Human Resources, Construction and Agriculture, Engineering, Automation, Robotics and Manufacturing, Healthcare, Hospitality Service Industry and Culinary Arts, Human and Social Services, Public Safety (Police, Security, Firefighting, and EMT), and Welding and Precision Machining. 

Students started the day in the Vincennes University Jasper Campus auditorium, where they talked about the day's activities. Then, students were asked to write their dream job on a piece of paper. Next, they boarded buses to take them to their morning session at a local industry. They were bussed back to VUJC after their morning sessions for lunch. Afternoon sessions took place at VUJC where students heard from a speaker from within the local industry. 

The Agriculture pathway started their morning with Dave Fisher from Fisher Farms. Then they went to Sanders Processing with Kent Sanders. In the afternoon, they heard from Todd Meyer with Superior Ag. 

The Arts, Audio Visual and Communications pathway began their morning at Dubois County Broadcasting, where they heard from the radio and television personalities that work there. They then went to the Thyen-Clark Cultural Center. For the afternoon session, Jay Hamlin from Yourstory Photography spoke to the students. 

The Automotive Technology, Trucking and Transportation pathway started the morning at Uebelhor and Sons and then went to Sternberg Chrysler Center. In the afternoon, they heard from Eddie Luegers with Bob Luegers Motors. 

The Business Finance pathway had the opportunity to visit two local banks, German American Bank and Springs Valley Bank & Trust Company. In the afternoon, they heard from Craig Hanneman, a Financial Advisor at Edward D. Jones. 

The Business Management, Marketing, Advertising and Human Resources Pathway visited OFS. At OFS, they were able to learn about multiple departments within the business field. In the afternoon, they heard from Angie Allen, who is a Business professor at Vincennes University. 

The Construction and Architecture pathway began the day at the Dubois County Builders Association. In the afternoon, they heard from Vince Helming, who is a Construction Technology professor at Vincennes University. 

The Engineering, Automation, Robotics and Manufacturing pathway split by bus and went to different places. Groups in this pathway visited Jasper Engines and Transmissions, Kimball Electronics, Indiana Furniture and Kimball International. In the afternoon, they heard from two Vincennes University professors. 

The Healthcare pathway spent the morning at Memorial Hospital and Healthcare Center. In the afternoon, they heard from Cassie Flock, who is the nursing professor at Vincennes University. 

The Hospitality, Service Industry and Culinary Arts pathway traveled to the River Centre and then went to the Fairfield Inn. In the afternoon, Whitney Lubbers with Dubois County Tourism spoke to the students. 

The Public Safety pathway went to the Dubois County Security Center. While there, students were able to hear from police officers, security officers, emergency responders and firefighters. In the afternoon, they heard from Katie Goldman, who is a paramedic and training officer at Memorial Hospital, and Donny Lampert. 

The Welding and Precision Machining pathway began the day at Versteel and then traveled to Jasper Engines and Transmissions. In the afternoon, Dave Sutton, who works at Jasper Engines, spoke to the students. 

Approximately 530 students from all county schools participated in the 9th Grade Tour of Opportunity. This was a great experience for students to explore pathways they have interest in and was also an opportunity to add experience and knowledge to their Graduation Profiles. 



9th Grade Tour of Opportunity

Students gather in the Vincennes University Jasper Campus auditorium where they talk about the day's activities. 

Tour of Opportunity at Dubois County Security Center

Students in the Public Safety pathway visited the Dubois County Security Center. After hearing from the Sheriff and individuals from the Security Center, they crossed the road where a firetruck and ambulance was waiting. They were able to look through the vehicles and learn about the contents stored inside. 

Tour of Opportunity at Dubois County Broadcasting

Students in the Arts, Audio Visual, and Communications pathway visited Dubois County Broadcasting. Local radio and television personalities spoke about FCC guidelines, local news reporting and answered student questions. 

Tour of Opportunity at SWICACC

Students in the Human and Social Services pathway visited SWICACC. While there, a mock interview was conducted and students observed and took notes. 

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The Wildcat Waves at Students
  • Jasper Elementary School
Gillian Blessinger

At Jasper Elementary School, Mrs. Burke, music teacher, taught her students the Wildcat Song. After learning the song in class, Mrs. Burke had a surprise for them. On two consecutive Friday mornings, the Wildcat Mascot showed up at Jasper Elementary School! Mrs. Burke and the Wildcat marched around the halls of Jasper Elementary and sang the Wildcat Song. It was a great way to spread paw-sitivity among students! One important program at Jasper Elementary School is the Leader In Me Program. Students were reminded that just like them, the Jasper Wildcat is a leader too. 



Mrs. Burke teaches the Wildcat how to play the piano. 

Mrs. Burke and the Wildcat sing with students in the gym. 

A student excitedly hugs the Wildcat as they pass in the hall. 

The Wildcat walks through the halls as the students sing, waving to the students. 

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Fun Run at Ireland Elementary School
  • Ireland Elementary School
Gillian Blessinger

On August 31, Ireland Elementary hosted their Fun Run Fundraiser. The fundraiser was successful, as the school raised $39,785, surpassing the goal of $35,000. The money will be used to purchase new playground equipment. Throughout the week, the students met with the team from MyBooster. Students watched a video daily with a message, learning about showing gratitude, stewardship, and more. 

Throughout the fundraiser, students were given various fundraising goals to reach. Once the goals were reached, they received rewards. Rewards included extra recess with the Booster team, no homework days, and more. The 5th grade students had the opportunity to make their run a color run. When $30,000 was reached, students got to soak their teachers with super soakers. And, because they reached the goal of $35,000 before event day, Mrs. Bauer kissed a pig (not once, but twice)! 

Ireland had a successful fundraiser and are very thankful for all of the support!

Check out a video here: https://youtu.be/splYTAq4AyQ

Mrs. Bauer kisses a pig! 

5th graders participate in the color run. 

Teachers get soaked by super soakers for reaching $30,000! 

A second grade student carries her class flag during the fun run. 

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  • Ireland Elementary School
Young Hoosiers Book Tasting at Jasper Middle School
  • Jasper Middle School
Gillian Blessinger

Last week at Jasper Middle School, students participated in a Young Hoosiers Book Tasting. Books were laid out on tables throughout the library. Students had the opportunity to spend a short period of time at each table and read the summary or a few pages of the books on the table. The Young Hoosier Annotated Nominee List has two levels, Intermediate, which is recommended for grades 3-5, and Middle Grade, which is recommended for grade 6-8. Each category has twenty different books by a variety of authors. Middle School students who read five books within the category will be invited to the April taco bar! 


Two students look through book options together.

A student samples a book. 

A student skims the pages of a book. 

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