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Student utilizing technology while working on homework
Student utilizing technology while working on homework
JHS Choir performing for parents.
JHS Choir performing for parents.
Football players before the toss, walking in unison with the referees.
Football players before the toss, walking in unison with the referees.
Band students marching in the Strassenfest Parade.
Band students marching in the Strassenfest Parade.
5k race runners.
5k race runners.
Band students taking the water plunge by dumping cold buckets of water over themselves.
Band students taking the water plunge by dumping cold buckets of water over themselves.

Technology Initiatives

Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools is currently seeking bids for infrastructure equipment for Jasper Elementary.  The goods and services requested in the Request for Proposal are part of the E-Rate filings for the Greater Jasper Consolidated School Corporation for the 2020 funding year. The Request for Proposal may be found here 

All questions may be directed to Kristy Vaughn kvaughn@gjcs.k12.in.us Questions and answers will be posted on this page.

Questions with answers:

From your parts list, it appears that many of your switches will connect to a central switch, in you case the Aruba 5406R using 10Gb, 10km transceivers.  It also appears that you'll connect switches in the different network closets using DAC cables. 
Will each of the closets connect directly to the central location? YES
How many network closets, outside the central location are there?  5 + Central Location
How many switches are in each of the closets? 2-5
How far are the closets from the central location? less than 600 meters

What type of fiber cable is used to connect the locations? Single Mode Fiber

  1. Will the school district allow for recertified preowned switches and wireless access points to be bid?  (Especially if they come with a full lifetime warranty?) We are requesting new for our new elementary building
  2. Can a vendor provide partial bids?  For example, can a vendor bid on only switches, and not wireless equipment? Yes, we will accept partial bids.
  3. According to the 470, you are not requiring the vendor to install equipment, correct? No installation is needed

Additional  Questions

1) Could you please add me and the following individuals to the list of vendors interested in participating in the E-rate project for networking for GJCS?

  1. Jason Gutstein 
  2. Greg Gigiel

    2) Re: services, could you specify how we can arrange for a walkthrough of the district to estimate the full cost for scoping out appropriate quantities / coverage etc.?

    Is a walkthrough date already scheduled? If you are open to a variety of days for individual or group walkthroughs, which days may be available?

    3) Is this a complete refresh of your existing AP in 1 or more schools, or is this an expansion where you are adding APs to your existing network to make it denser?

    How many APs do you plan to have total once the project is done?
    - Of your current APs, what are the main manufacturers and model #s, if possible?

    - What make/models are in Jasper Elementary School?
    - Will you be asking vendors to produce heat maps and if so, could you send us floor plans and indicate the internal wall types (ex. Drywall, brick, concrete?)

    4) Are you considering 802.11ax options for this project as well?

    5) Could we begin an evaluation of Aerohive equipment for the AX models and show the HiveManager NG system (now Extreme CloudIQ)?

    6) Could you share the eval criteria and scoring matrix for this RFP?

    How will the strength of the technology be addressed looking at various proposals? And compatibility with existing wireless management?

    7) How many devices / classroom? What types of devices are used?

    - Are you 1:1 at this time, and/or moving towards that?

    8) Do you have a high # of 2.4 GHz-only devices at this time, or are you mostly transitioned to devices that are 5 GHz capable?

    9) Who are the main individuals responsible for day-to-day management of the wired and wireless networking systems at GJCS today?

    - Is this handled by internal district employees or outsourced (if so, to whom?)

    - who is the main outsourced company that would be handling the installation?

    10) Who are some of the main resellers / partners that GJCS purchases technology / services from?

See Answers below.

Question 1: So noted.

For questions number 2,3,6 and 7: We believe all necessary information concerning this project is covered in our 470.


Question number 4: As stated in our 470, Vendors may submit alternative equipment as long as the equipment is an equivalent make and model or serves a similar functionality.  


Question number 5: We are not running evaluations during active 470. Please respond with equivalencies.


For questions numbered 8,9 and 10: This information is not needed for you to place a bid. If there are concerns, please address them in your submitted bid.


Is multiple gigabit (mGig) a requirement on any of the specified products?  No,  multi gig is not required.