8th grade students in Washington DC. New 2 in One devices for each student at Jasper Middle School and Jasper High School. Band students marching in the Strassenfest Parade. 5k race runners. Principal for a Day, Raymie Eckerle. Students participated in the last days of school activities! Band students taking the water plunge by dumping cold buckets of water over themselves.


English as a New Language

The staff of the Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools (GJCS) is committed to providing educational experiences that meet the unique and diverse needs of our students.  English Language Learners (ELL) engage in differentiated learning opportunities that foster the development of the English language through instruction and support in an ESL program and in the general education setting.   Through early assessment, placement, services, and progress monitoring, ELL students acquire the English language skills necessary to attain academic success and become lifelong learners.

ELL K-12 Resource Guide
Indiana English Language Proficiency Standards

The English Language Proficiency standards address the following:

  • the development and attainment of English language proficiency by language minority students at each grade level K-12;
  • the domains of listening, speaking, reading, writing, and comprehension; and
  • are linked to the academic content achievement standards in English/LA and Mathematics.