Tenth Street School front view.

Library Skills

Library Skills: Each grade level here at Tenth Street Elementary has an individual set of Library Skills .  We work on these specific skills throughout the school year using a variety of activities.  

Third Grade

  • Locate biographies and reference source

  • Differentiate among the uses of a dictionary, encyclopedia, and almanac

  • Identify different types of call numbers

  • Purpose of copyright laws, respect for, and ethical use of the work of others

  • Distinguish among fact, opinion, and varying viewpoints

  • Listen, view, and read variety of genre in various format

  • Define the term genre and give examples

  • Name various literature genre

  • Knowledge of Caldecott Medal and winning books

  • Parts of a book:  table of contents, index, and glossary

  • How to use card catalog

  • Encyclopedia usage


Fourth Grade

  • Review Third grade skills

  • Distinguish among autobiography, individual, and collective biographies

  • Purpose of copyright laws, respect for, and ethical use of the work of others/concept of plagiarism

  • Discuss essential elements of various literary genre

  • Knowledge of Newbery Award and winning books

  • Use of card catalog


Fifth Grade

  • Review Fourth grade skills

  • Identify parts of a book:  preface, introduction, and forward

  • Purpose of alphabetic and numeric order systems

  • Understand and use Dewey Decimal System

  • Apply copyright laws for all formats

  • Locate and state (with assistance) the purpose of bibliographic information

  • Discuss the importance of libraries to provide a variety of material in order to support informed citizens in a free society

  • Listen to, view, and read a variety of genre in various formats

  • Identify the genre of various pieces of literature

  • Use of card catalog