Tenth Street School front view.

Loan Policies

Loan Policies: All Tenth Street students and staff may check out books and other resources from the Library Media Center.  Staff members are also welcome to check out materials from the video and professional collection.  Student check out procedures are: 
    1.   Students may check out 3-4 books.  If we find that a student is reading and AR testing over their books (of their reading level) before their next library class time, they may begin checking out more. 
    2.   Books may be kept two weeks.  If the student wishes to keep an item longer, it must be brought back to the library for renewal.  Overdue notices may be sent if books are kept beyond the due date.  
    3.   At the beginning of the month notices will be given to students who have books that are more than two weeks overdue.  Overdue fines will not be collected. 
    4.   Check out privileges will be limited or stopped if students do not return materials. 

Lost and Overdue Books:  When an overdue book notice comes home with your child, try to find the book instead of paying for it.  No late/overdue fines are charged for overdue books.  However, check out privileges will be limited or stopped if students do not return books.  Students will not be allowed to check out new books until the overdue book is returned or paid for after 2 months.  If you have questions about an overdue/lost book, please contact the Library Media Specialist as soon as possible so that I can try to track it down and restore checkout privileges as soon as possible. 

If your child says the book has been turned in, this is possible.  Sometimes the book does not register properly on the computer and may be placed back on the shelf without being checked in.  Books also get put in the wrong place from time to time.  However, if more than 2 months have passed and the book has not turned up, it is likely that it is not here.  Books can not be checked out to another student without the name of the previous student being taken off the book.  Parents may send a book back to school with a child, but that does not mean it actually made it to the Library Media Center.

Damaged and lost books do need to be replaced in order to maintain our collection.  The replacement cost needs to be paid so that the same or comparable item may be purchased.  The dollar amount listed on the overdue/lost notice covers the book itself and not the additional costs of shipping, labeling, etc.

Please try to be understanding.  This is a very busy place and there are a lot of student helpers.  Sometimes books are found (here or at home) that have been lost and paid for.  When that is the case, payments will be refunded when the book is returned (if a replacement has not yet been purchased).