Tenth Street School front view.

Dress Code

Parents are asked to see to it that their child is dressed in a manner which would encourage a positive mental attitude toward learning. Any intentional look that would cause most people to take a second look would be defined as disruptive to the educational process. Revealing or disruptive attire will not be permitted. Body piercing, other than in the ears, is considered disruptive to the learning environment and will not be allowed. Hair should be a non-disruptive color and style.

No child should wear shorts from October 1st and until after Spring Break, unless special written permission is granted by the principal due to unusual circumstances. Although shorts are not considered to be appropriate school attire, they will be permitted for all grades during extremely hot weather. Prior to October 1st and after Spring Break weather still may not be inducive to wearing shorts; we encourage parents to exercise parental judgment on these days and restrict the wearing of shorts. We would like to remind our parents that we have a totally climate controlled building, even the gym. Therefore, even if it is warm outside it is usually quite comfortable inside our school.

It is the responsibility of the parents to insure that their child follows the above guidelines as well as other guidelines that dictate appropriate and proper types of dress for a school setting. When policy is not followed or when good taste in dress is violated, the parents will be contacted by the school.