Tenth Street School front view.

Attendance Policy

In regard to a child’s education, the parents and the school must work together cooperatively to obtain the most desirable results.  With this in mind, we ask your support in promoting good school attendance which is essential to effective student achievement.     If a child is ill, the parent must notify the school before 10:00 a.m. that the student will be absent.  If it is obvious that the student will miss several days, it is not necessary to call each day.  If parents do not have access to a telephone, they must send a note with the student when he/she returns to school.     At times, parents may need to keep a student away from school to accomplish something which cannot be done at another time.   This includes medical and dental appointments.  This type of absence must have prior approval of the building principal or designee if it is to be excused.  If a student’s absence has been prolonged, the school may require a doctor’s certificate before the student may return to school.  Students are responsible for all school work – absent or not, excused or unexcused.  Students will be permitted to make up work which is missed during an excused absence.  

The term “tardy” means being late to school, class or an activity, with or without permission of parents/guardian or school personnel.  The building administrator in consultation with staff will establish a specific building definition of what constitutes “being late to school, class or an activity.”  All teachers will inform their respective classes of the building’s definition of “being late to school, class or an activity.”  The teacher will counsel with those students who are developing a pattern of being tardy.  The teacher will refer to a school administrator those students who in the teacher’s judgment are not making progress towards correcting the problem.  

Penalty for Tardiness    
The penalty for tardiness will be left to the discretion of the administration.  Teachers may not deduct percentages from grades for tardiness, but may use other methods of dealing with the problem of students arriving late to class.  Repeated tardiness to each class and accumulated tardiness will be handled by the building administrator.