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    March 23-27, 2020 - Spring Break - No School; March 30, 2020 - No School for Students; March 31-April 2, 2020 - eLearning Days; April 3, 2020 - No School for Students; Subsequent weeks will consist of Mondays no school for students, 3 eLearning days and Friday no school for students.

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The front of 5th Street School on a sunny day.
The front of 5th Street School on a sunny day.

Literacy Coach/Title One

Title 1 is a federally funded program to support students in reading.  The Title 1 push in program at Fifth Street Elementary is designed to meet the following objectives:

    Identify student strengths and weaknesses in reading.  
    Improve student performance in reading.  
    Assist each student in reaching his/her academic potential.  
    Reinforce learning that occurs in the classroom.

All Fifth Street School students are assessed four times during the school year using Renaissance Learning STAR Reading Enterprise for first and second graders and STAR Early Literacy Enterprise for kindergartners.  Assessments from Journeys, our Houghton Mifflin core reading program, and teacher developed standards are also used when ascertaining student strengths and weaknesses.  Data from beginning of the year assessments identifies students eligible to participate in Title 1.  Continuous progress monitoring throughout the school year enables us to differentiate the instruction for those students who need their instruction altered by being released from Title 1 or added to the program. We opened a testing window at the end of February to make certain all students are staying on track.  The end of the year data is valuable to identify placement for the next school year.

If a student qualifies for Title 1, families are immediately notified.  As with any federally funded program, there are several rules and regulations that our school must follow.  Families are strongly encouraged to communicate suggestions, concerns, and questions with the school, along with participating in school functions.  School and family need to work together for the benefit of the child.

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