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About Ireland ES

Ireland Elementary School is set in an expanding rural community in Ireland, Indiana.  The 67,000 square foot building, constructed in 1990, consists of self-contained classrooms complemented by a resource room, art and music rooms, a library, a computer lab, gymnasium/auditorium, and cafeteria.  Tutor rooms are located on all wings for individualized and small group learning. 

The staff at Ireland Elementary is a team of people who share a common vision of the future, as well as a common sense of purpose.  We are committed to the same common set of principles.  We believe that all children have the ability to learn.  The staff works cooperatively with the home, school, and community to provide a learning environment which instills a desire for knowledge and provides the skills necessary for student success.
The student enrollment has grown from 270 students in 1990 to our current 518 students as a result of an increase in housing development.  Our student population is grouped heterogeneously. Students with special needs remain in the regular classroom where accommodations are made for individual needs.  Special services are provided as needed by resource teachers, a speech pathologist, Dubois-Spencer-Perry Exceptional Children’s Co-op, Southern Hills Counseling, Inc., and area physicians.

Standards and curriculum align with the Indiana Academic Standards and school curriculum goals to ensure continuous progression and mastery of basic skills.  Character and Career Education programs, library services, counseling, technological upgrades, and fine arts programs support students in the learning environment.  Special services provided by the Jasper Community Arts Commission, and Southern Indiana Education Center enhance the curriculum.  The High Ability program provides students with enrichment activities that supplement the regular curriculum.  Our Early Success program provides students with language arts remediation activities in grades 1, 2, and 3.  The faculty, under the guidance and direction of a curriculum director, has made updating and revising the school curriculum an ongoing process in order to meet academic standards, along with individual needs.

Assessment techniques such as standardized tests, progress reports, report cards, portfolios, checklists, online student grades and conferences are employed in monitoring student progress to ensure students meet the essential skills.  There is a school wide effort to keep parents and the community informed of the results of student achievement through local media (newspaper, radio, and television station), monthly newsletters, phone calls, emails school and grade level website access, and personal memos.

The strength of Ireland Elementary School emanates from the high quality of shared leadership among administration, faculty, and staff.  Those involved are willing to take the initiative in voluntary leadership roles when the need arises.  Decisions are made with the success of students in mind.