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5th Grade Immunizations

December 5, 2018 
Dear Parents: 
In response to the Indiana State Department of Health's new immunization requirements The Dubois County Health Department will be holding immunization clinics at your child's school. 

Clinic Date at school is January 31, 2019

Registration must be completed by: Jan. 18, 2019 (5th grade) 
We will offer Tdap, Menactra and Hepatitis A for all 5th grade students. We will utilize online registration. 
If you want your child to participate at our school based immunization clinic, please access the link for online registration at

•    Please enter code: IN07917 to access your school's site.
•    Select your school from a drop down box,
•    Enter your demographic information.
•    You will need to indicate the type of insurance that you have for your student.  If no insurance, please indicate.  (your student may still receive vaccinations)

If you have questions regarding the entry of your insurance information, please contact the health department (812-481-7056). If you do not have insurance, please indicate this on the form. 
Please note the following information: 

o    For 5th grade clinics we will offer: Tdap, Menactra #1, Hepatitis A #1
o    The registration form will mention influenza vaccine. We will NOT offer influenza vaccine at these clinics.
o    The nurses at the health department will review every record prior to the clinic to determine what vaccines your child will need.
o    We WILL provide your child with all needed vaccines unless you contact our office

Vaccine immunization statements can be reviewed