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Our Library

Our Library/Media Center

Mission:  Believing that the Media Center is a fundamental part of the educational program of Ireland Elementary School, the Mission of this Media Center is to encourage, promote, and assist students of Ireland Elementary School so they can be effective and discriminating users of ideas and information, to foster the habit and love of reading and use of a library for lifelong learning. 

Our Collection: The Media Center collection includes almost 10,000 books and other resources.  To recommend a new title for the collection, please email or contact the Library/Media Specialist.

Volunteers: Our parent volunteers are invaluable to our library program.   Here are some of the things you could help with in the library:  book fair set up/tear down, assisting students during book fair, checking in books, re-shelving books, helping with class check out, organizing books on shelves, and helping put up/take down bulletin board materials.  If you would like to volunteer in the library please contact the Mrs. Gossett or let someone know in the office.  We would love your help!