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Problem of the Week

Problems of the Week

12/11 - 12/15


6th Grade


Order the rational numbers from least to greatest.  Show all work on a number line. -34, -0.82, -45, -2125, -0.71




7th Grade


The length of each of the two congruent sides of an isosceles triangle is 3x - 1.  The length of the third side is 3x.  Its perimeter is 25 cm.


Part A.  Draw and label the triangle.

Part B.  Write an equation that could be used to find the value of x.  Solve for x.  Show all steps.

Part C.  Find the length of all three sides.



8th Grade

The sum of two natural numbers is equal to 77.  

If the first number is multiplied by 8 and the second by 6, then those products are equal.  


Which is the larger of these numbers?

Must use a system of equations to solve this problem to receive full credit.