8th grade students in Washington DC. New 2 in One devices for each student at Jasper Middle School and Jasper High School. Band students marching in the Strassenfest Parade. 5k race runners. Principal for a Day, Raymie Eckerle. Students participated in the last days of school activities! Band students taking the water plunge by dumping cold buckets of water over themselves.

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Snow Make-Up Days Set
Public Work Session

Public Work Session Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Public Works Session

The GJCS Board of Trustees met in a public work session to discuss findings of a recent facilities feasibility study conducted by The Stenftenagel Group and Gibraltar Design, Inc.  The key take-aways of the study are as follows:

1.  There are significant facility needs to be addressed at all schools but most pressing at  Fifth and Tenth Street Elementary Schools.
2.  We are financially in a position to take care of those needs without levying more tax dollars in debt service than we already currently levy.  This means at no additional burden to our taxpayers.
3.  The window of opportunity to address these issues is now.

Please see the the attached PowerPoint presentation from the meeting.

Tracy Lorey, Ph.D.

Work Session Presentation April 18, 2017

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Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools (GJCS) takes pride in providing quality educational programs that meet the needs and aspirations of our students.  We are committed to providing a safe and nurturing learning environment, as well as creating intellectually challenging experiences while exercising prudent fiscal stewardship. We are committed to excellence in preparing our students academically and socially for their individual life pursuits.

The GJCS Board of Trustees, administrators, teachers, and paraprofessional staff support student learning through high quality academic standard complimented by a broad variety of extra-curricular opportunities.

We believe education is the shared responsibility of the school, home, and community. The shared commitment of stakeholders to foster the development of a student’s physical, social, emotional, ethical, and moral competence will prepare our students to be productive members of our community, state, and nation.

Our commitment to excellence is enhancing the future opportunities for every student at each step of their educational journey.

Yours in education,
Dr. Tracy Lorey

GJCS Earns Distinction of District-Wide Accreditation

GJCS has earned the distinction of District-Wide accreditation through AdvancED, a global leader in advancing excellence in education through continuous improvement, organizational effectiveness, and accreditation.  District accreditation is a systemic approach to sustainable improvement that:

  • Builds capacity of the school to increase and sustain student learning
  • Stimulates and supports improvement and effectiveness throughout the school district
  • Ensures all people, processes, departments in the district work in concert
  • Strengthens efforts to meet accountability requirements
  • Encourages growth beyond compliance to achieve excellence
  • Promotes continuous improvement
Seeking Distinguished Alumni

GJCS is currently seeking nominations for the Distinguished Alumni award given annually to Jasper High School graduates who have distinguished themselves in their chosen field.  Candidates must have graduated at least twenty (20) years before being eligible for consideration.  Graduates from 1994 or earlier will be considered.

Please complete the nomination form found in the following link and return to:


Dr. Tracy Lorey, Superintendent
1520 St. Charles
Jasper, IN 47546

School Accountability Grades Released

The Indiana Department of Education released school accountability grades for schools and districts in the state of Indiana.  GJCS schools received the following ratings:

Greater Jasper Consolidated Schools        A
Jasper High School                                     A
Jasper Middle School                                  A
Fifth Street Elementary                               A
Tenth Street Elementary                             A
Ireland Elementary                                      A

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GJCS takes pride in providing quality educational programs that meet the needs and aspirations of our students. It is our goal to inspire our students to reach their fullest potential through experiences that foster academic excellence, as well as to develop each individual’s physical, social, emotional, ethical, and moral competence. Our commitment to excellence is enhancing the future for every student at each step of their educational journey.