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Family Fun Night! q auction

                Please mark your calendars for this year’s Quarter Auction. It will be held on Friday, March 16 in the St. Joseph’s parish center gym starting at 6:00.  Be sure to check us out on Facebook. On behalf of the students and staff, we thank you for your support. 

I-Read 3 i read

                According to state law, all third graders must pass a reading competency in order to move on to fourth grade. This assessment, I-Read 3, will be administered between March 12 and March 16. For questions contact the school.

Way to Go Tenth Street!

                On Thursday, February 22 at Cedar Crest Intermediate School, the Tenth Street M.A.T.H. Bowl Team placed third in our division in our region. Way to go team!  

A special thank you goes to our coaches Mrs. Beier, Mrs. Buse, and Ms. Morin for their commitment as coaches. 

Letting Off STEAM steam

Recently our school has started a weekly encounter with an interactive lab. STEAM Lab is a group learning experience that challenges students to creatively solve problems and build collaborative team skills. Ask your child what he/she has done this week in STEAM or STEM. 

Family Fun! pacers

Right after school on Friday, February 23, 156 people shuttled off to Indianapolis to catch this year’s Pacers game. 43 Tenth Street Students and their families made the pilgrimage to see the Pacers beat the Atlanta Hawks.

                Students who went to the game had the opportunity to actually step foot on the Pacers floor during the starting lineup announcements, shoot a basket after the game, and enjoy world class entertainment at a very reasonable price. 

Math Bowl Set math

The following students will represent Tenth Street Elementary in our state-wide competition for M.A.T.H. on Thursday, February 22: Braxton Brosmer, Crystal Flores Escobedo, Makayla Fromme, Ava Hulse, Owen Gehlhausen, Jace Gramelspacher, Zackory Hirsch, Cara Jones, Helen Pardo, Damon Perez, Christopher Sandoval, Addison Simmers, Carter Smith, and Zoie Warner. A special thank you goes to Mrs. Beier, Mrs. Buse and Ms. Morin for coaching our team this year. Good luck! 

Honored Students som

 On Wednesday, January 31, we recognized the following students for being students of the month for outstanding school citizenship. Congratulations goes to:


Grade    January 2018     

                3rd           Evelyn Harpenau           

                4th            Johnson Dong                     

                5th            Crystal Flores Escobedo   


Grade    February 2018   

                3rd           Sutton Brosmer

                4th            Josseline Sandoval

                5th         Braxton Brosmer


Way to go! We are proud of each of you!  

Special Awards Given

At 1:00 on February 13. All students will come to the gym for a special awards program. Students’ 2017 ISTEP scores from the state were analyzed, and those student who received the highest possible designation from the state in both performance and growth will be acknowledged.

This year we will honor the following:

76 Students “Highest Performance Designation in the State of Indiana for Language Arts”

89 Students “Highest Performance Designation in the State of Indiana for Math”

80 Students “Highest Growth Designation in the State of Indiana for Language Arts”

81 Students “Highest Growth Designation in the State of Indiana for Math”

As always, all parents are welcome to attend

Snow Make-Up Days Set
Tax Return Coming? scrip

                Use Scrip to enhance your family’s purchasing power. If you plan ahead, you might end up with free textbooks next year. Contact our office for more details. (812) 482-2529. 

Immunization Information immunizations

                Indiana State Department of Health states that all students entering 6th grade must receive a Tdap, (Tetanus, diphtheria, acellular pertussis) Menactra, (meningitis), and Hep A. To take advantage of the convenience of having this done at school, parents must register on our school website at http://www.gjcs.k12.in.us/5/home  by clicking  on the “5th Grade Immunization Clinic” tab by January 19. The clinic is scheduled for Thursday, February 1.  If you have any questions, please call Mrs. Buschkoetter, school nurse, or your health provider. 

Destination Imagination di

            Tenth Street Elementary School is proud to announce that on Saturday, March 3 we will have children participating in a D.I. competition at a site yet to be determined.  We are proud to announce that our school has team members competing in this event. The following students will be participating: Henry Hostetter, Stella Kisman, and Carson Matheis, and Jillian Troutman.

A special thank you goes out to the coach Meredith Christiansen for working with the students this year. We wish you good luck and a lot of fun!


Thanks for the Memories prog2017

                We would like to thank all the parents and staff members, who helped to make this year’s Christmas program a success. We also thank Jasper High School and Fifth Street Elementary for the use of their seating. As always, we appreciate Ms. Huls’ leadership in creating Christmas memories for all. We hope that our school’s program helped to start your holiday season off on the right note.  

Spelling Bee spellingbee2017

                On Thursday, December 14, at 1:05 in our gym, ten children earned the right to compete for the Tenth Street Elementary School Spelling Bee Championship. The classroom winners competing in the Spelling Bee were:  Crystal Flores Escobedo, Colin Foster, Audry Jones, Helen Pardo, Sarahi Rodriguez, Christopher Sandoval, Landon Uppencamp, Ali Werner, Julia Williams, and Brett Winkler.

      Congratulations goes to Christopher Sandoval, our overall school champion. Also, we congratulate Julia Williams, who was runner up.

                All spellers will be recognized at our Fifth Grade Awards Day in May. All classroom winners will receive a certificate and the champion and runner-up will receive trophies.  

Christmas Program christmas play

Monday, December 11, is our Christmas program date. Our Third Grade’s program is at 6:30, our Fourth Grade at 7:15 and Fifth Grade is at 8:00. In order to make for a smoother evening this year, we are asking that you consider a few things:

1)Please consider carpooling.

2)If you are of healthy body, please park a block or two from school to enable the less fortunate easier access.

3)Please leave small children at home this evening. We ask that you opt for them to attend our dress rehearsal in the afternoon.

4)Please don’t stay for all performances unless you have children in all performances.

We hope that these suggestions can serve all in having a happier evening. Thank you for considering these options.    

Spell Bowl Celebrates Success spellbowl

Thursday, November 17 at Cedar Crest Intermediate School, eleven students participated in this year’s statewide Spell Bowl Competition. We are proud to announce that our team finished with 39 out of 56 points, which was good enough for a third place finish in our division regionally.

                Congratulations to our spellers for a night they will always remember. This year’s spellers were: Margaret Arvin, Lylianah Cowan, Kayle Guardado Martinez, Cara Jones, Stella Kisman, Nevaeh Lamkin, Emma L. Leonard, Colin Moore, Damon Perez, Liliana Serrano, Jillian Troutman, Mackenzie Walsh, and Ali Werner..

Furthermore, we would like to thank Mrs. Jasper and Mrs. Pfau for all their help with coaching this year. 

Marine Corps Toys for Tots Drive toy for tots

Marine Corps Toys for Tots Drive

Our school will be hosting a toy drive

for the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program from

Nov. 17th – Dec. 15th

Each student has the opportunity (not mandatory) to bring in a new, unwrapped toy to be distributed to local kids in need. Thank you for your participation.

Honoring Our Veterans veterans day

Friday, November 10


Show your pride for our veterans by wearing red, white, and blue.


Fundraiser Information

         Thank you for your support in our P.T.C.’s fundraising efforts. Once all the fundraiser money has been collected, sometime in December, we will be distributing prizes for students who have turned in all of their money. 

A Little Help mittens

            Many fantastic organizations work to help kids with winter coats and Christmas toys. These efforts are fantastic and much appreciated by all. There are many kids who need the accessories throughout the cold winter season. Tenth Street Elementary will be collecting gloves, scarves, hats, and socks to help kids with the frigid temperatures just ahead of us. Please send such unused contributions to our school. We will make sure your kind gift makes an impact. 


2017 10th Street Spell Bowl Team Announced! spell bowl

Spell Bowl Team


The Tenth Street students recently participated in a head-to-head competition to determine this year’s Spell Bowl Team.

We are proud to announce that the following students are on the 2017-18 Spell Bowl Team:

Mae Arvin, Lylianah Cowan, Kayle Guardado, Cara Jones, Stella Kisman, Nevaeh Lamkin, Emma Leonard, Colin Moore, Damon Perez, Liliana Serrano, Jillian Troutman, Mackenzie Walsh, and Ali Werner. A special thank you goes to Mrs. Jasper and Mrs. Pfau for their efforts in preparing our team for victory.

These students will participate in a state-wide competition on Thursday, November 16. Good luck to all!


Save The Date for Screen on the Green trolls

Family fun is just around the corner! We are pleased to ask you to "Save the Date" (Friday, October 6) for this year's Screen on the Green. Thank you for planning on attending this family friendly night. 

Kent W. Taylor

Public Work Session

Public Work Session Tuesday, June 6, 2017 at 6:30 pm

Immunization Information public health

Please review the important information regarding immunizations. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Tenth Street nurse Mrs. Buschkoetter. Thank you.

Immunization Information

Public Works Session

The GJCS Board of Trustees met in a public work session to discuss findings of a recent facilities feasibility study conducted by The Stenftenagel Group and Gibraltar Design, Inc.  The key take-aways of the study are as follows:

1.  There are significant facility needs to be addressed at all schools but most pressing at  Fifth and Tenth Street Elementary Schools.
2.  We are financially in a position to take care of those needs without levying more tax dollars in debt service than we already currently levy.  This means at no additional burden to our taxpayers.
3.  The window of opportunity to address these issues is now.

Please see the the attached PowerPoint presentation from the meeting.

Tracy Lorey, Ph.D.

Work Session Presentation April 18, 2017

Please take a moment to complete the following survey.